If you can dream it, you can do it. 

Caroline Agnou, Swiss Heptathlete 

We all have our own mountains to climb. 
What matters isn't how fast we scale the peak.
But that we push ourselves harder than the day before. That's why I hold on to my biggest dream, to fulfill my potential on the track and hopefully participate at the Olympic Games 2024 in Paris. 


End Of The Season 2022 

28th of july
It is with great regret that I have to accept that my knee injury has still not improved despite a one-month break from exertion and intensive medical ....

Knee Injury 

29th of june
Unfortunately, I got myself injured during long jump at nationals. While warming up I overstretched my leg. As a result, ....

Swiss Championship Zürich 

25th of june 
Less than a week after the sweaty heptathlon at the Swiss combined championships in Kreuzlingen (Canton Thurgau), I travelled to the Swiss .....