Versatile interest & multicultural


I am growing my online platforms, in order to impact and inspire the next generation and help grow the discipline for the World's Greatest Athlete. My values and authenticity are reflected all platforms and perceived well by the wide audience. 


With my passion for athletics I love to share and enjoy the fun with Kids who are interested to move. For this purpose, I have acquired the Trainer C in the Swiss Athletics trainer education, so that I can partially coach junior athletes in the U16/U18 category. I am also the athletes' representative in the Swiss Athletics Federation and support the interests of all elite athletes from Swiss Athletics. 



I started my academic career at the University of Fribourg in Communication and media research. Through my studies years, I discover the fascinating study field of Social Anthropology. I enjoy to analyze the multifaceted and complex cultural human dynamics in our societies and combine them with my communicative and cross-media flair. 


In order to be able to finance my sporting existence, I work as a freelance designer in the videographic field. 
If you would like to see how I perceive the diversity of our cultural life through the lens of photography, film and illustration, you are welcome to contact me for a joint collaboration with Caro.Lens. 



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